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Eyebrow Enhancer cream

Eyebrow Enhancer cream

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O.TWO.O Eyebrow Pomade - Define, fill and sculpt your brows like a professional. Create 3D eyebrows and distinct effects of natural eyebrows.

Why you will love it :

  1. 【Smudge roof & Long-lasting】 Made with a waterproof formula that stays on all day without flaking or smudging. Waterproof and sweatproof to build a long-lasting matte finish.
  2. 【Highly Tinted】 The eyebrow pomade is super pigmented and can be easily shaded by simply removing a small amount of product with the included brush, which can be built and blended
  3. 【Easy To Apply】 The eyebrow pomade quickly defines the shape of the eyebrows and fills in the color with a single stroke. Even a novice can easily draw subtle, natural-looking eyebrows.
  4. SILKY TEXTURE - Uniform color development. easy to color.
  5. LONG LASTING - Featuring With Waterproof Waterproof, sweatproof Smudge-proof, And Anti-sweat Formula.
  6. 03. QUICK-DRYING-quick-drying and not easy to smudge.
  7. 04. SOFT BRUSH HEAD: Each box of eyebrow dyeing cream, comes with a fine eyebrow brush for use. The bristles are soft,skin-friendly, and comfortable to use.

Steps for usage:

01: Take out the brush.

02: Rotate to open the product.

03: Apply a small amount of the brow cream.

04: Outline the eyebrow shape.

05: Fill your brow with a light upward stroke from front to back

TIPS & TRICKS: -Dip an angled brush into the jar to pick up a small amount of product to outline brows. Fill in brows by applying color in the direction of hair growth.

- If the eyebrow brush is dipped in too much eyebrow cream during use, you can mix thoroughly on the lid and use it after scraping off the excess eyebrow cream to prevent agglomeration or uneven coloring caused by too much cream when applying makeup.

How to Choose Color?

01 Coffee color (suitable for light coffee or light-colored hair)

02 Dark Brown (suitable for brown or dark brown hair)

03Chestnut brown (suitable for red-brown or chestnut brown hair)

04 Black tea color (suitable for natural black or darker hair)








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