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Contour Palette

Contour Palette

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About this product :

Multi-purpose, can be used like blush powder, contour powder, and compact powder;

Creates three-dimensional face contour;

Easy to apply, makes a face flawless and smooth;

Perfect for salon, party, show, or home use.


Brand: O.TWO.O

Net weight: 24g/0.8 oz

Package Weight: 72g

Color: 4 colors

Shelf Life: 5 years


1. Please be kindly informed that the colors of the item you receive might be slightly different from the pictures on the item page. Please kindly understand that the photos are only for your reference and we should make the color of the actual product as standard.

2. Please do not use it for purposes other than makeup.

3. Please do not put in direct sunlight or if the temperature is too high or too low.

4. Keep out of the reach of kids.

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