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1. Fine and Smooth Powder: The concealer is very smooth and exquisite, easy to push by hand, has invisible pores, and maintains makeup all day.

2. Lightweight & Moisturizing: High-density powder and moisturizing texture, plus moisturizing ingredients, while concealing, it can also maintain the moisturizing degree of the paste and reduce the burden on the skin. It is very suitable for dry skin.

3. Strong concealing power: apply lightly and thinly to cover small blemishes such as acne marks and spots. Apply in multiple layers to cover large blemishes such as dark circles and acne. Maintain impeccable skin throughout the day and make you confident all day long.

4. Multifunctional Concealer: face concealer, dark circles cover, eye base, T-zone brighten, lip base, one for the whole face

5. Pen-shaped brush: It is more suitable for novices, dot on the top, and apply the horizontal. The brush head is relatively hard and can cover the details of the nose and mouth more finely.

6. Free Return: Return for any reason within 15 days(free shipping) Supporting countries: (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Israel, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Netherlands, and Italy).

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